Word on the street this morning is Apple’s planning to launch its new iPhones in September starting with 64GB of storage. That’s great news for consumers. Similar to what we said a few years ago, when 16GB was still the entry-level amount of storage you could pack into a phone, it’s time for 32GB to die. There’s just no reason Apple should sell consumers something with such little space.

I’m a heavy user, so I’ve been buying at least an 128GB iPhone for the past couple of years. I’m currently using 110GB of that space, which means I need four-times the space of the 32GB option. But here’s why you might need more space, too.

I have 12GB of music on my phone, which isn’t a whole lot but gives me enough that I have a large-enough library of music on my phone. My guess is there’s a lot of you out there who save big chunks of music.

I have 8GB of photos, easy to do when you’re snapping HDR, multiple shots per second and HD (or better) video. I also play games. Ember clocks in at 2.79GB, OC2 comes in at 2.55GB and Bully comes in at 2.41GB. Toss in a podcast app like Casts (2GB) and offline email with Outlook (1.89GB), and you’re filling up a phone pretty quick.

32GB might be enough to store those items, but that’s assuming all you want is music, games and some photos. Chances are you have dozens of other apps for other things, and may want to download movie rentals and other things, too.

Games, 4K movies and more

As we get to a point in time where cameras are taking massive photos and videos, processors can power more advanced (and larger) games, and videos can be streamed in 4K (assuming we get a 4K iPhone in the coming years) it makes no sense to keep a 32GB model around.

Something tells me the 32GB option isn’t dead yet, despite these rumors. Apple still sells a 16GB iPhone SE, for the folks who really don’t want storage. It’s time for 32GB to die, though, and I hope Apple caters to its userbase with at least 64GB of storage on entry-level models come September.

Concepts above by Moe Slah.