The Fine Bros.' "React" series has proven itself to be endlessly entertaining. Whether it's our elders reacting to dubstep or teens reacting to a 90s Internet tutorial, there's always something to enjoy.

This week, it hits a bit closer to home when the kids react to the Nintendo Game Boy.

My memories of the Game Boy are vivid, especially of Tetris, my lost copy of Metroid 2: Return of Samus, and a Spider-Man game that involved walking on the street like a commoner instead of swinging through the city.

The kids in this video, though, weren't around when the Game Boy released 25 years ago, and things have only gotten smaller and lighter since then. It's interesting to see what kids say when you put an old piece of hardware in their hands.

"Wait – you don't just turn it on and get the apps?" one asks, showing just how ubiquitous Apple's App Store has become. "I've seen this before – it's an iPhone case," says another.

A lot of the kids in this video respond pretty well to the technology, appreciating it for what it is and reacting skeptically to the magnifying glass accessory the hosts show them.

But the kid who says he would throw the Game Boy in the trash and expresses disgust at pressing buttons? I hope he stubs his toe really hard and ends up being late for something.