While new technology is fascinating and really cool, you also need to consume it all in moderation. Having your head buried in a new phone or tablet is not healthy, both physically and mentally. Yes, absolutely there are great benefits to these gadgets but they also can be detrimental to you if consume too excessively. Especially in the case with children.


That’s where KiDCASE comes in, it is a solution for parents to be able to limit screen time with iPads. KiDCASE is a hardware/software fix that shuts down the iPad after too much use or within certain times. Like say when it is bedtime or limiting mobile gaming to within a reasonable time frame. While there are some apps available that try to attempt the same fix, there are easy workarounds that any tech savvy child can easily figure out.


It works like this, you plug the KiDCASE on to a compatible iPad and download the KiDCASE companion app, and select your passcode. You then select what parameters you want to set. You can choose between time monitoring, daily limit or time blocking. So maybe you want to see how long lil’ Jonny is spending on the iPad. 17 HOURS!!?! He may have a problem. You can set how much time he can use within each day, let’s peg him at 2 hours each day..

If it comes towards the end Jonny’s allotted use for the day, a pop-up notification will alert him he only a short time left. So he better finish up that level. As a parent, you could also set bonus time rewards for completing education-based apps. So if you want more time, you can solve some multiplication problems.

The case not only acts as the regulator for the iPad but also a sturdy, child-proof shell for all those accidents and drops.


You can back the KiDCASE with as little as $5, and you become an Early, Early Bird backer for $57 to receive a KiDCASE.

Head over to the KiDCASE Kickstarter page if you’d like to help kickstart this project.