LG is no stranger to the world of kid-friendly wearables, and it looks like the Korean company wants to jump even deeper into the niche market. EvLeaks on Monday released a photo of two new LG-made wearables headed to Verizon, and both look squarely aimed at your unruly fifth grader. If you're not yet ready to bestow your child with a smartphone, why not make them the envy of the neighborhood with a wearable capable of making calls?

The above photo reveals Verizon is getting an LG GizmoPal 2 and LG GizmoGadget, the latter of which looks more smartwatch-y than the very particular GizmoPal 2. The original GizmoPal by LG essentially gave parents a way to keep tabs on their kids; it had two-way calling, a companion app, and real-time GPS tracking. "Give your children a sense of independence while staying informed of their whereabouts," reads LG's official description of the GizmoPal.

Chances are the GizmoPal 2 will retain many of the original GizmoPal's functionality, while improving on things like design and battery life. Oh, and there's now a small display, making the device easier to understand and use; the previous GizmoPal just had a button and speaker, making it look like something you'd get out of the bargain toy bin at Walmart.

No parent wants to acknowledge the possibility of their child going missing; LG's GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget look like they're designed to help make a scenario like that less horrifying. With the holiday season on the horizon, chances are we'll see a formal announcement from Verizon soon.