Google Glass may have failed to catch on with a mainstream audience, but one of the gadget’s most interesting features could get a new life on Kickstarter. A new project called S-Tone packs bone conduction audio technology into a pair of sporty sunglasses and goggles so you can exercise while listening to music and leave your earbuds at home.

Bone conduction works by releasing vibrations that travel through bones in your skull and straight to your inner ear. It was used in early versions of Google Glass and it’s still used in some hearing aids.

S-Tone takes that technology and packs it into a plastic band that wraps around the back of your head. In front, you can snap in either a pair of sunglasses for biking and other outdoor activities or goggles for swimming. That makes it possible to listen to music even when you’re underwater.

The gadget can connect to your phone over Bluetooth, but it also packs 8GB of built-in storage. That’s enough to store around 2,000 songs for instant playback. It also comes with a rechargeable 8-hour battery.

The design looks pretty normal in front, though you are stuck with a big strip of bright plastic on the back of your neck. In includes a physical on/off button and a touch pad for controlling the volume and skipping between songs. S-Tone also features adjustable notches for getting the right fit.

S-Tone comes in a variety of colors. The band is available in yellow, blue, red or black, while the lenses come in brown, black, blue, clear or mirror silver. You can pick whichever color you want when you buy them on Kickstarter.

Pre-orders start at just 89 euros (about $100) for a full set including the band, sunglasses and goggles. S-Tone won’t actually ship until July 2017, but at least that should give the company plenty of time to perfect the design and technology before it’s time to ship.