Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has provided us with plenty of exciting underdog stories and hours of entertainment we might not have had without the generous donations of the general public.

Four years down the road, and the website has just confirmed that it has reached a 100,000 projects mile-mark with a surprising 44 percent of them being successful.

In total, that makes $630 million pledged dollars by the general public, and $535 million has been successfully transferred to those which achieved their goals.

Based on the website's stats, films are the most popular causes people donate towards with $139 million generated, but games are running a close second place with $134 million.

Perhaps the risk with a video game is much larger than that of a film, but games have seen a much more extensive rise over the last few years. Games also require more money to make with some of the more popular ones pulling nearly $4 million a piece.

We've covered plenty of Kickstarter campaigns here at TechnoBuffalo. As a gaming editor, I tend to pay more attention to the indie games and am most excited to play Shovel Knight, Project Eternity, and Torment: Tides of Numera. Far and away, the best experience I've had with a Kickstarter project so far was watching Indie Game: The Movie.

I've never ventured too far from indie games though. Have you found any exciting projects or had any good experiences with a Kickstarter product? Let us know below.

Note from Joey: Cards Against Humanity gets my vote for one of the best realized Kickstarter projects.