What is this thing? An electric bike? A tricycle? A Segway for people too lazy to stand? It’s best not to ask questions. Just enjoy the wacky weirdness that is the YikeBike.

The YikeBike presumably gets its name because of the reaction it elicits. “Yikes,” you might say. “Who would be caught dead riding that thing?” Take a closer look though, and it’s actually pretty cool, even if it won’t necessarily impress your friends.

The biggest advantage here is probably portability. You can fold up your YikeBike to stow under your seat or sling it over your shoulder with a strap. It also boasts a pretty sleek design and a battery that can travel up to 20km (roughly 12 miles) on a single charge.

YikeBike comes in two different models. There’s the Model V, which you can pre-order for as little as $2,995 and receive this April. It lets you switch between a two-wheel and three-wheel setup on the go, and comes in gold, silver or charcoal black. Once it hits the market it could cost as much as $5,000.

There’s also the Model C, which features an even sleeker carbon fiber design, but only offers a two-wheel setup. You can pre-order one today for $5,995 ($2000 off the planned market price). It ships in April as well, and comes in the same color options as the V along with a matte clear version.

 The YikeBike has been around for a while now, winning a handful of awards for its futuristic design . It seems all but ready to ship, so we doubt there’s much risk your order will be delayed. Then again, each unit is assembled by hand at a factory in New Zealand, so it’s possible the company could get overwhelmed if too many orders pour in.