Welcome to Kickstart This, a new feature on TechnoBuffalo where we show you some of the best gadgets on Kickstarter in need of your crowd-founding cash. Today we’re kicking things off with a product in dire need of a redesign: the power strip. As gadget-obsessed tech journalists we rarely have enough outlets on hand to plug in all our various gadgets. TwistVolt hopes to fix this problem once and for all with a clever solution.

TwistVolt consists of a series interlocking triangle-shaped pieces with built-in three-pronged outlets and USB ports. In its basic form it looks pretty similar to a regular old power strip, though with one clever design trick. The outlets are positioned on alternating sides of the strip, so even a brick-shaped power adapter won’t cover up extra outlets. Each triangle also offers USB power ports with a low power internal LED backlights so they’re easy to find.

Where things really get interesting, though, is when you start playing around with different configurations. Each triangle can rotate up to 270 degrees along its connecting joint, so you can reshape TwistVolt to fit any situation with a total of 16,384 different positions to choose from. You can also play around with different shape until you find one to proudly display on your desk, instead of hiding it on the floor like a regular power strip.

Like with any Kickstarter project there are some risks involved, but the team behind TwistVolt has done its homework to ensure a fast turn around and a quality power strip once it’s funded. The device will be made using plastic molds created in the U.S. and there’s already a separate website in place to record each step of the process.

You can back TwistVolt for as little as $5, though that will only get you listed on the site as an early backer. To get your hands on one of the first models you’ll have to pledge $49 for a power strip without USB support. For $89 you’ll receive one with two USB ports built-in, while $99 will reward you eight ports as part of an early promotion. Best of all, Kickstarter backers can vote on what color the first model should come in, choosing between red, black or white for the design.

TwistVolt only has until Sunday May 4 to raise a whopping $125,000 (it’s raised just over $6,000 so far), so if you hate your current power strip here’s a chance to help launch a new one. And if this project hasn’t grabbed your attention don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with an even more exciting edition of Kickstart This.