Taking care of a plant isn’t as easy at it looks, especially if you live in a city apartment with restricted space and not much natural light. The one time I tried to keep a basil plant alive it didn’t last a week. That’s probably my fault for overwatering. I had no idea what I was doing, but what if there was some sort of gadget to make the job easier?

That’s the idea behind Biom, a new Kickstarter project that promises to make taking care of a plant as easy as checking your smartphone.

Biom is a smart plant pot. That means it connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi and pushes notifications to an app on your phone. However, it features a physical shape that’s smart as well.The futuristic pot is designed to cling onto most railings or balconies, and it also balances perfectly on any flat surface.

The design also features a single light with four different colors. If it turns blue you need to add more water, while green means more fertilizer. Red has to do with temperature while yellow is sunlight. That same information will also show up on your phone with more details. The app even includes a database of different species so you can set Biom to take care of the specific plant you put in it.

You can order Biom on Kickstarter for as little as €40 (roughly $44), though it won’t ship until May 2016. There’s also the option to buy multiple pots at once, though there’s no extra discount for bulk orders.

The group behind Biom admits that there’s still plenty of work to do. The design may be finalized, but the electronics are still being developed. For example, including a fertilizer sensor will be tricky since the technology is currently only used for industrial work. Still, the team seems confident they can pull it off and they’ve definitively give themselves plenty of time to do it.