There’s a coming wave of cheap VR headsets designed to undercut Oculus. It started with Google Cardboard, but now one company is offering an even cheaper headset that’s more durable and more versatile that anything else we’ve seen so far. VISR is looking to raise £25,000 on Kickstarter, £15 pounds at a time.

Instead of regular old cardboard, VISR uses a laminated corrugate that’s smooth, comfortable and durable. It should last roughly two years without any issue, and at that point it only costs another £15 (roughly $22) to buy a new copy. It also comes fully assembled.

On the inside, VISR works pretty much the same as Google Cardboard and a handful of other similar headsets. Just slide in your smartphone and experience virtual reality. Unlike Cardboard, it works with Android devices, iPhones (including the iPhone 6 Plus) and Windows phones. All your smartphone needs to work is a screen that measures at least 4.7-inches across and a built-in 3D gyroscope.

You can order your own VISR on Kickstarter and expect to receive it in March anywhere in the world. For a bit more (£50) you can score a developer edition as soon as next month, or get a customized headset with whatever you want printed on it for £99.

With Kickstarter units set to ship as soon as Feb., and working headsets already in production there doesn’t seem to be much risk here. Of course, it’s possible the company might not hit its crowd-funding goal, though if that happens you won’t have to pay a dime.