Smart bikes are coming. It’s only a matter of time before the Tesla of bicycles emerges and grabs the world’s attention. Until then a ton of companies and inventors have been working on small gadgets that can improve the bike you already one in a variety of way, and a lot of those products end up on Kickstarter.

The latest example is Fast, a tail light for your bike designed to bring peace of mind to paranoid riders and their worrying loved ones. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too.

This sensor-packed bike light serves a few key purposes. First, if someone starts tampering with your bike while it’s locked up you’ll get a notification on your phone so you can try to stop them. Second, if you get into a crash and the bike falls over Fast will alert a designated contact who can check on you or even call for an ambulance if necessary.

That’s two pretty useful features packed into a bike light, though there is a potential downside. You and your loved ones could end up getting a distressing smartphone notifications on a regular basis when nothing is actually wrong. Still, if you’re the paranoid type it’s probably worth the tradeoff.

Beyond all those safety features Fast is also a pretty sweet light. Using the free app on Android or iOS you can pick from different colors and blinking patterns. It’s water and dust-resistant too so you don’t have to worry about damaging the device if it starts to rain or you ride through some dirt. The built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery should last for up to 60 hours of use or 60 days in standby mode.

Fast even works without a bicycle. It connects directly to your smartphone, so you can put it by your bed and sync it with your alarm clock for an extra jolt in the morning. The company notes Fast could add other features like this in the future, potentially connecting the device to pretty much any mobile app out there.

You can order Fast for as little as $19, and it should be ready to ship with a specially-designed mount by November. The company behind the product is based out of Shenzhen, China, so setting up manufacturing shouldn’t be much of an issue. There’s already a working demo too, so all that’s left is to work out mass production and get started.