I am a fond believer that worthy Kickstarter games often come in bunches. Whenever I see one that I think I might like to back, at least two more jump into the fray and call into question which one is the best for me. While both the outrageously 90s Strafe and the gorgeously pixelated Children of Morta are making the rounds on their own campaigns, a third has cropped into the back of my brain that I would also like to see succeed.

Starr Mazer combines the two least likely genres to ever be mish-mashed together into a single package, and it could very well have the best looking GIFs at all time. Seriously, whoever thought that combining a classic Gradius inspired SHMUP with a LucasArts-era point-and-click adventure would ever be this good lookin’.

Starr Mazer (4)

Not only does this game look absolutely beautiful, it sounds like an entirely new idea that establishes it as being more than just a sum of two genres. The Kickstarter campaign explains the thought process behind its self-titled “Open-Middled Gameplay (OMG!)”

An entire playthrough of the game is like a season of a show, but each episode within can appear in almost any order. These episodes all have many entry points and exit points, but the core content of each episode is meticulously crafted. We record not only how a player starts an episode, but the decisions that player makes within, and how that player decides to end it. Your actions modify situations and outcomes of future episodes. As you complete key episodes in the overall narrative, the scenarios start funneling into one of a few logical and satisfying endings influenced by your actions throughout.

Starr Mazer (2)

As it stands now, developer Imagos Softworks is looking for $160,000, and it has already secured $78,000 with 19 days remaining. Development is just for PC, Mac and Linux at the moment with no hints of a console port in the description or in the stretch goals. My guess is that it requires a mouse to be controlled unless Imagos is willing to eventually work in the Vita’s and DualShock 4’s touch controls.

Starr Mazer (1)

19 days to go and already over halfway there. Best of luck to Imagos and all of the indie developers running excellent campaigns at the moment.