Selfie sticks are here and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you haven’t tried one yourself you’ve probably already seen these smartphone accessories in action. So instead of fighting the inevitable future why no just embrace it?

Still not convinced? Well maybe this clever phone case-selfie stick hybrid will change your mind. Smile and say cheese for SnapStyk.

SnapStyk looks like a pretty standard smartphone with one big difference. It packs a built-in retractable 11-inch handle that slides out for quick selfies. The design also includes a pivot for quickly switching from landscape to portrait mode.

The device uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, so you can snap a photo using the button at the end of the handle. You can even  flip the phone around in the case and use the rear camera for a high-quality selfie.

Our only real issue with SnapStyk is that it adds a lot of extra bulk. The handle alone is 12.7mm thick. That’s thicker than the rest of the case. It’s also a lot thicker than the iPhone 6 it’s designed for, which comes in at just 7.1mm. There’s also a version for the 6.8mm Galaxy S6.

If you’re not bothered by that bulky design you can preorder the case for as little as $30 in gold, white or black and receive it in December. There’s a special edition white and gold option, though it costs a ludicrous $250. You can also save extra by buying two regular cases for $55, or go wild with 25 for $600 or 40 for $950.

There’s always a little risk when it comes to pre-ordering a new product, production could run into issues and orders could be delayed. But SnapStyk has been through two years of research and development, and the company’s teamed up with some experienced engineers and manufacturers to get the job done.