OK, so maybe this one is a little more specific than usual, but if you already own a Pebble smartwatch and do a lot of biking you'll be happy to learn there's someone on Kickstarter with a product made just for you. With less than a week to go Pebble Bike Mount is looking for $15,000 to help produce a small accessory that turns your smartwatch into a small bicycle computer.

The Pebble Bike Mount comes from World Champ Tech, an app-making company with a focus on improving your biking, running, hiking and walking by pushing the power of GPS to its absolute limits. Its Bike+ app for the iPhone and Pebble helps track your speed, distance covered, altitude and slope. It also creates a crowd-sourced map, letting you report any hazards you encounter on the road—kind of like Waze for biking.

So with all these cool features right on your phone or your wrist why bother paying extra for a bike mount? Well safety for one. It's a lot less dangerous to glance down for a second than to pull our your phone or even look at your wrist. By sticking your smartwatch display right onto your bike you can get all that info without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Before you head over to Kickstarter and pre-order your own copy there are a few things you should know. First of all, the Bike+ app is only available for the iPhone, meaning Android fans are out of luck. Of course the bike mount itself will still work either way, and World Champ Tech notes that there are other similar apps out there that work for both operating systems. It's also definitely worth noting that the current model only fits the original Pebble design, meaning the newer Pebble Steel won't fit.

If you're still interested in grabbing a Pebble bike mount here's how the pre-order process works. For $20 you can get a discounted copy, which should ship by December. That's pretty much it. The company isn't offering any bulk deals at the moment, and if you miss out on the early bird special you can always grab the bike mount for $25 on Kickstarter instead.

Overall World Champ Tech seems pretty confident, calling its Pebble bike mount a "relatively risk free" project compared to some of its earlier products. The company notes that if it gets too many pre-orders (over 100,000) it might slow down the production process. The bigger risk seems to be not hitting that crowd-funding goal at all, though that just means you won't be charged.