We’ve covered a bunch of some awesome drones on Kickstarter over the years, including one that can track you while filming with a camera automatically and another with a futuristic safety-focused design. This week we’re back with another drone seeking crowd-funding support, but this time it’s a different story entirely.

This is the Mine Kafon Drone, and it wants to save the world.

The Mine Kafon Drone (MKD) is a flying unmanned gadget designed to track down and safely detonate land mines with a unique modular design. The group behind it say they can clear the roughly 100 million active land mines still found around the world in under 10 years if the project is funded. That’s way faster than any other current alternative.

The drone itself is a pretty standard autonomous flying machine, but what sets it apart is the different robotic attachments. The first is a 3D mapping camera that marks dangerous areas and sets GPS way points to create an online map. In the second phase, the MKD hovers just over an inch above the ground while a metal detector attachment pinpoints each landmine. Finally, a special robotic arm attachment is deployed to drop small detonators on each mine so they can be safely destroyed.

If the group can raise a little over $77,000 by August 31 they’ll be able to fund a pilot program to see if the drone design really works. They’ve already built a few working prototypes and tested them with the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Now they need to prove it can function in all the different weather conditions and environments the MKD will encounter around the world.

Mine Kafon was created by two brothers, Massoud and Mahmud Hassani, who grew up in a small town near Kabul, Afghanistan. They saw the dangers of landmines firsthand as children and set out to find a solution. In 2013 they launched their original product, a large spiky metal orb that rolls across the terrain to detonate land mines. It was a success on Kickstarter, but the MKD will speed up the process significantly.

Mine Kafon isn’t launching a consumer product, but you can still pre-order the MKD for a whopping $3,320 and recieve it in December. Or grab the drone with the robotic arm for $5,533 and get it next February. If you want to support this honorable project without breaking the bank you can throw in as little as $6 for a thank you note or $13 for a laser engraved bracelet. $19 or $32 will help cover a portion of the 3D map the company needs to create. Hit the source link below to see all the other rewards and learn more about this amazing concept.