Apple may be abandoning MagSafe for USB-C with its new MacBook, but that doesn't mean the technology has to disappear. One new Kickstarter project wants to bring a similar magnetic link to your headphone jack, but it needs your help or it won't happen.

The duo behind Magzet argue that the audio jack is way overdue for an upgrade. Think about it. Every new gadget we buy typically comes with a faster processor and a sharper screen, but keeps that same old 3.5mm jack. Even Apple's new MacBook features the same audio port while combining every other input into a single USB-C standard.

Magzet looks pretty simple on the outside. Two parts that seamlessly link together magnetically, one filling up your audio jack and the other hanging off the edge of your headphone. Beneath the surface there's a lot going on, which allows you to add a magnetic link without losing auto-pause when you unplug your headphones or the physical controls built into your earbuds.

To sell this product at a reasonable price the company needs to produce it in bulk, and that means raising a whopping $294,000 on Kickstarter with just over a month left to go. You can support Magzet for as little as $5, but you'll need to pledge at least $35 to pre-order the actual product. The barebones pack comes with one MAGkap and 2 MAGjacks, meaning you can use the same pair of headphones with your phone and laptop without needing to swap the magnetic jack back and forth. For $55 you'll get two MAGkaps and three jacks, while $99 equals three MAGkaps and five jacks. All orders are set to ship in Dec. 2015.

Magzet goes into great detail on the risks involved on its Kickstarter page, but the biggest issue is that it's still not totally finished. The design needs to become more compact, and small bugs are still being ironed out. Delays are possible, though the company promises to let its backers know as soon as it runs into any trouble.

If that doesn't scare you off go ahead and pre-order Magzet now. It's a really cool idea with what looks like a solid execution, and if it ships on time it could be a great holiday present for your tech-obsessed friend.