For every awesome product asking for funding on Kickstarter there are dozens of ridiculous projects looking for money as well. Today we're taking a closer look at one Kickstarter project that straddles the line between practical and bizarre by teasing the possibility of a futuristic hoverbike but promising a pretty cool drone in the meantime.

One day in the future this hoverbike, or some other model, really might change the world, offering an entirely new way to get around. Beyond the physical and technological limitations there are legal issues to consider as well. Amazon's tentative plan to deliver your orders by drone has already run into government red tape, so imagine what it might take before companies can start selling full-sized hoverbikes straight to consumers.

In the meantime one company is offering a 1/3 scale model of the hoverbike it hopes to unleash on the world. This mid-sized drone packs four big propeller fans to keep it in the air, four motors, LED lights and a platform in the center for transporting small packages. The company's even whipped up schematics for a 3D-printed mini-robot that's designed to straddle your mini hoverbike and hold a GoPro camera in its head.

If you want to pre-order a drone on Kickstarter you can grab one starting at £595 (almost $1000) for a stripped down model or £715 ($1199) for the full package. If you're willing to spend even more you can get the drone, a special carrying bag and a t-shirt for £1150 ($1929). The company's even offering a £2100 (about $3500) package that includes a visit to their workshop in southern England, a night at a five-start hotel, lunch, a flight in a hot air balloon and, of course, a drone.

There are always some risks ordering a product on Kickstarter, and it's possible the company will fail to meet its optimistic goal of shipping pre-orders by November 2014. It's also worth noting that there are dozens of less expensive drones available to buy right now on Amazon. Backing this project isn't just about getting your hands on a sweet drone though, it's about throwing your support behind the concept of a  future where we fly through the sky on hoverbikes.