Remember Hyper Light Drifter? I sure do, and I am really looking forward to finally playing it later this year. Fans and backers of Heart Machine's delightfully old-school action/adventure game would do well to check out this similarly gorgeous hack n' slasher, Children of Morta.

Using the same pixelated style that has proven popular with indie developers recently, developer Dead Mage's spin with the technique paints a beautiful fantasy world revolving around a single family. The tale of the Bergsons will take players through several generations of the family lineage as they protect their mountainous region of Morta from any who would harm it.

The Kickstarter campaign describes Children of Morta as a "story-driven hack 'n slash roguelike."

Narrative meets Roguelike in Children of Morta. You will experience permadeath and travel through new procedurally generated levels and content with each playthrough but there exists a single story overarching the game. This story is filled with surprises, mysteries and emotions and will be narrated with the game events, quests, environments and most importantly by the interactions between the Bergsons.

Procedural narrative events blend within the main game story and provide you with options to explore this rich world as you wish. Different players playing Children of Morta will have different experiences while following the same main story.

Children of Morta is looking for a relatively simple $65,000 to fund this game, and as of writing, it has already pulled in nearly $17,000 after a single day. I know I am a little tired of this style of pixelated graphics found in other games like Super Time Force, Moon Hunters,  Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery,  and The Gods Will be Watching, but this is a game that takes their usage to a whole new level.

I think it's worth your time to check it out. The pitch video alone is something to behold.