If the only issue holding you back from picking up the new MacBook is that single USB-C port than your worries are over. A new Kickstarter project promises to solve the problem with a USB hub that’s as well designed as it is handy. Oh, and it’s also cheaper than Apple’s own solution.

This is Branch:

Designed in Silicon Valley not too far from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, Branch blends into your MacBook with silver, space gray and gold options, though it is made from a cheaper polymer material. It’s also thinner than Apple’s lightweight laptop by a full 2mm, meaning it fits easily in your pocket.

The hub itself features a charging notification light so you know it’s working, along with ports for USB C, two USB 3.0 ports and Mini Display. The company actually backtracked after initially offering HDMI instead of Mini Display, but all Kickstarter backers will also get an HDMI adapter for free as a result.

Branch has already hit its crowd-funding goals, but you can still get a $10 discount when you can order one on Kickstarter for $69. Or get ten at once for $599 (both options ship in July). Either way that’s cheaper than Apple’s bulky $79 adapter. A quick scan of Amazon reveals plenty of cheaper options already available, though none as well designed as Branch.

Branch’s design is already finalized, and the final engineering should be finished by the end of June. That gives the company plenty of time to ship the first units by July 31. Still, considering those tight deadlines delays are certainly possible.

If you already have a new MacBook and need a USB-C hub right now check out Amazon. But if you’re waiting for that perfect adapter to compliment your next laptop this one is probably worth waiting a little bit longer.

UPDATE: The Branch Kickstarter will be relaunched for numerous reasons. You can read about it in their latest update.