USB flash drives have become a commodity. They’re cheap, they’re everywhere and they’re boring. Now one company wants to make flash drives cool again with a new product on Kickstarter.

This is the Nayano Outrider, a beautiful metal flash drive. It all starts with a sleek metal build that can take a beating. From there the design focuses on two main issues with your standard flash drive: accessibility and protection.

Instead of a standard cap protecting your USB the Nayano Outrider uses a slider setup. That means the flash drive connector is always safe from the elements, and you can’t lose the cap because there is no cap. As for accessibility, the company uses an instant clip design so you can pull it off your keychain in seconds flat.

You can pre-order a Nayano Outrider flash drive with 8GB of storage for as little as $10 and receive in in October. That may sound a little pricy, but it’s actually half of the planned retail price. You can also grab two for $20 or three for $30; that’s not much of a discount, but you’ll save on shipping if you’re ordering from outside the U.S.

Unfortunately there’s no option for extra storage right now, though in the future the company plans to offer 32GB and 64GB options. You’ll also be able to order laser engraved flash drives after the project is fully funded.

There’s already a working prototype for the Nayano Outrider, but the molding process can’t start until the project get funded. It’s definitely possible delays could push back that planned release by a bit, but hopefully the device will be ready to ship soon. In the meantime you can always grab another boring old plastic flash drive while you wait.