Not everything on Kickstarter can be a flashy gadget or a celebrity-backed project. Sometimes you just have a brilliant simple innovative idea that needs a crowd-funded boost to become a reality. Take HIVESSL, which wants to make a new type of LED light bulb that's brighter than an incandescent bulb, more energy efficient and promises to last for 92 years. That's right, there's a 92-year lightbulb on Kickstarter right now, and after over a month of crowd-funding it's still struggling to hit $1,000 let alone its total goal of $80,000.

The PAR30 LED bulb only uses six watts of power, compared the 60 and 40 watt incandescent bulbs we're used to replacing several times per year. At the same time it delivers almost 800 lumens of light, about 100 lumens more than a regular light bulb. According to HIVESSL it uses less energy than a regular bulb, meaning you'll save on electricity costs. Each $35 lightbulb should cost you just 72 cents per year, though that's assuming it's only in use for three hours per day on average.

The bulb's design resembles a traditional lightbulb, though it's definitely a bit bigger. It still screws into a regular socket, and the wide design actually gives it a larger beam so it lights up more space. The biggest different between the PAR30 LED and a regular bulb, however, is that the PAR30 LED is actually made up of two detachable parts, a base and a power source.

The power source comes with a 10 year warranty while the LED array shell has a 50 year warranty. That means at the very least you'll have 50 years of cheap light, though HIVESSL claims it should last for the full 92 years. Either way it's still a good deal at $35, which is what it costs to pre-order a PAR30 bulb, and still promises longer life than other LED bulbs (typically about 15 years).

If you're interested in investing a little more you can shell out $50 to receive an extra power supply or $75 for two full LED bulbs. There's also the option to have your entire house professionally outfitted with up to 50 lightbulbs for $1,500. For now, the PAR30 bulb is limited to use in the U.S., though the company hopes to roll out international versions in the future.

There are risks, of course. Just like with any Kickstarter project you're putting your faith in a company's ability to deliver on a prototype and a promise. HIVESSL is assembling everything in-house, meaning the company will have total control over the process. All the necessary components will also be ordered as soon as the project is funded in order to avoid any possible shipping delays.

There's no guarantee this project will hit its crowd-funding goals at all, and considering the promise of PAR30 LED that'd be a shame. As much as we love awesome gadgets we also need simple brilliant ideas, and that's exactly what HIVESSL has to offer.