What if you could customize your headphones to fit your mood or even your style? That’s the concept behind Axel, a modular headphone design that promises unprecedented control and high-quality audio at an extremely competitive price.

We got a chance to try out Axel for ourselves. Here’s a quick first-impressions review: They sound awesome. The audio quality was pretty amazing and they’re super comfortable too. They also sport a pretty sweet design. See for yourself…

Axel breaks your headphones down into just a few main components. The speakers, the headband and the frame. Lets start with the speakers. They come in white or black, on-ear or over-ear and three different soundscapes: Core, Deep and Pure. Pure offers the most refined sound with the most detail, making it perfect for classical music along with jazz and folk. Core works best in the mid-range and offers the most dynamic sound. It’s best for listening to pop and rock music. Finally, Deep offers the deepest bass, so it’s perfect for fans of Hip Hop or electronic music.

The ear cushions that surround each speaker are made from memory foam, so it molds to the shape of your ears over time. The frame, which comes in black or white, is made from ultra-durable HD nylon. It also folds up for easy travel. The headband is soft silicon. It comes in Classic, Spikes or a Waves option designed to keep your hair in place. The cables are also designed in-house and come with an in-line microphone.

For now that’s as modular as Axel gets, but the company says it hopes to add even more modules later on. That includes partnering with a gaming-focused firm to make a cable with an even better microphone. Down the line we may even see Axel earbuds and Bluetooth speakers.

Axel is also a steal at just $125 for the on-ear or over-the-ear designs on Kickstarter. Both models should ship in August, and company co-founder Kevin Oh says he’s “almost positive” on the expected delivery. You can also order one of each for $249.

Not sure which soundscape to pick? Axel has teamed up with Spotify to help. Just log into your account and a special web app will analyze your listening history. If you don’t have a spotify account you can simply enter your 10 favorite musicians or groups to find out whether Core, Pure or Deep is right for you. Can’t pick just one? You can also order all three soundscape options with one frame for a little over $260.

Head to the company’s Kickstarter page to learn more or order your own modular headphones today.