I consider myself a lover of both challenging platformers and uniquely colorful games. Those two pieces have sort of become a genre in and of itself over the last year or so, and the PS Vita's Kick & Fennick appears to be another entry worth checking out.

Good news! It's free if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. PS Vita owners can now fire up their device, head to the store and snap up Kick & Fennick. The game comes from Jaywalkers Interactive, and they offered this on the PlayStation Blog today regarding their title.

Kick & Fennick is a game about a little boy with a very big gun. Any normal boy would leave the gun for the big kids to play with, but when our heroes meet and Fennick saves Kick from trouble, they notice Fennick's energy core is broken and embark on an adventure to the Core Tower in search of a new battery.

Besides shooting down any robot that gets in their way, Kick can make huge jumps by using the gun's powerful recoil. Whenever Kick fires the weapon, it will send him flying into the opposite direction! This opens up tons of opportunities for cool platforming challenges. On your quest to help Fennick, you'll encounter many obstacles to overcome, such as treadmills, magnets, bouncy pads, teleporters, and a huge menacing robot that just doesn't want to leave you alone!

You can see the recoil jump stuff in the launch trailer above, and that's pretty much why I'm most compelled to check this one out. I have it downloading as I type out this post.

Any other takers?