It has been a while since we last got a trailer for Wonder Woman, but over the weekend Warner Bros. dropped new footage, which focuses on Diana’s origin story.

The first trailer introduced us to Wonder Woman and a few of the secondary characters. The follow-up trailer reveals a few details of Wonder Woman’s origin story growing up with the Amazon warriors in Themyscira.

As a young child, Diana is continuously underestimated by General Antiope (Robin Wright). When inquiring about the Sword of Athena, Antiope harshly replies, “Only the fiercest among us even could [wield it], and that is not you Diana.”

A mysterious voice also over hints at special abilities hidden from Diana, but soon enough she discovers these powers. Then the trailer continues to expand on some scenes of Diana’s introduction to the human world in London along with a few new funny moments. No new details about the villain are revealed in the trailer, and frankly, I hope they keep it this way as to avoid unnecessary spoilers. We again see the woman with the weird face mask and Wonder Woman fighting soldiers in a World War I battle.

Director Patty Jenkins also revealed an awesome new poster

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also took the chance to reveal a new poster for the movie. It shows Wonder Woman kneeling with the Sword of Athena in one hand and her shield on the other over a reflective surface with a fiery sunset serving as the backdrop. The caption for the poster reads: “Wonder.”

It’s a pretty cool poster aesthetic-wise and provides a lot more color than we get in the trailer. The trailer keeps the same muted and dreary aesthetic we saw in Batman v. Superman, but I hope the end result will be a lot better.

Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2.