S.I.T. May 9, 2012

Kevin Smith announced via his popular Twitter feed today that he would be launching multiple online video shows this May.

Last May filmmaker Kevin Smith took his popular Smodcast podcasts and turned it into an online radio network called S.I.R. (Smodcast Internet Radio). The audio network runs 24 hours a day and features a mixture of live shows and archival shows from the past several years.

According to Mr. Smith, on the first anniversary of his podcast network he will be launching S.I.T. (Smodcast Internet Television).  The new venture will be made up of videos shot during the recordings of his podcasts such as Hollywood Babylon and Jay And Silent Bob Get Old, while also featuring original content such as him hosting a show that will take you through his personal video archive and live shows.

Smith went on to say on his blog that the new initiative would be launching its first scripted series in 2013.

As of yet there has been no mention of where or how you'll be able to watch the shows, but a tweet on Kevin Smith's timeline appears to hint to Hulu, so one has to wonder if that is where the content will be appearing.  If so, it would make viewing of the videos extremely easy for his current fans as well as potentially grab the interest of new ones.

After the announcement, Smith said in reply to a congratulatory message from a fan, "It was a 3 year plan. We're in Year 2 now. Wait'll you see the finale."

[via Kevin Smith]