Seeing as the Lisa was released in 1983, this would put this around the time Mr. Costner was playing challenging roles such as "Newlywed Husband" in Table For Five, or "Alex" in The Big Chill … which all of his scenes were cut out of.  You have to love IMDB.

apple lisaIt's interesting to see how this pre-Macintosh computer was marketed compared to what the company does now.  Where's the cool, hipster music?  Where the people smiling and acting like the device is "magical" and changed their life?  Okay, okay, you could argue that apparently the Lisa has a siren like song that called the businessman back to his office in the early dawn hours just as those mythical creatures called sailors onto rocky shores, but I'd still say there's at least some difference.

The biggest difference is that this was clearly marketed towards businesses.  While Macs do enjoy some foothold in business, the company as a whole is seen much more as a college age/creative types products these days.  I doubt you'd find many people with huge corner offices (and a pit bull) using them these days.

So, some 27 years later, it's fun to look back at the early days of Apple and its advertising to see just how far the company and its concepts have come.  I have to say, I'd easily take today's ads over those of years ago.