First thing's first: if you're a PlayStation owner, a fan of Sony or a gamer in general, you should know who Kevin Butler is. More than that: if you use Twitter and you fit the bill listed above, you should be following @TheKevinButler. If you're not? We're not friends anymore.

Sorry. We had a good run.

Kevin Butler took to Twitter earlier this week to announce that he was leaving Sony in order to help his uncle with his new flooring business. KB was becoming the President of Economy Flooring.

A man can only be made VP so many times, KB's off to be PRESIDENT of my uncle's new upstart company.

The round of Twitter jokes came and went. Sony had their way with fans in humorous fashion. Fast forward to today and the company drops the brand new advert your seeing above. Kevin Butler is back, and gamers everywhere should be celebrating.

This ad is all about ditching the motion control wave for a while and supporting the diehard, core gaming community that bought into Sony and the PlayStation 3 for the more traditional gaming concepts it champions. I love it.

Sure, the Move is a great device capable of delivering some rather enjoyable gaming experiences on the PlayStation 3. But let's be clear: Sony and Microsoft made their way into the motion control arena simply to pull from the Wii's giant marketplace. They didn't do it to give fans of Uncharted a new way to play.

Calling 'em like I sees 'em, here.

This holiday is going to be absolutely packed with great games for each platform, and that definitely goes for the PlayStation 3. If Sony had elected to release the PS Vita this season? I can't even imagine.