I still haven't gotten around to Kero Blaster. I was waiting for a Nintendo 3DS version that was teased and sadly never materialized, but next week will put an end to this shameful empty chapter in my gaming repertoire. Creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya has confirmed that the run 'n' gunner will be available on the PlayStation 4 next week, April 11.

Moving from Cave Story to Kero Blaster has been an interesting transition in my life. In the beginning, I was making various smaller games. After Nicalis helped me sell many copies of Cave Story, I decided to quit my job making printer software and become a full-time game developer. Kero Blaster is the first game I've created since then.

Kero Blaster is a pixelated action game in which you take the role of a frog janitor who cleans out the sewers for a ruthless and demanding boss. It didn't quite garner as much acclaim as Cave Story when it first launched, but then again, not a lot of games have. You can only rewrite how the world looks at game development once, I suppose.

No, I am NOT waiting for a Switch version

Despite how much I would rather buy this game on the Nintendo Switch, I don't want to wait for one to maybe be confirmed. I've put this off for far too long, and the PlayStation 4 version will be the one that I finally break into.

That being said… man, I would love to buy this game and play it on the Switch. Hint, hint!

Kero Blaster will be available for the PlayStation 4 next week on April 11.