Kero Blaster, the latest from Cave Story developer Pixel Studio, has finally joined the ranks of Steam, where it will get more exposure than through Playism. This solid little shooter might not be the masterpiece that Cave Story was, but it is decent in its own right and is definitely worth the $9.99 you’ll pay for it.

Besides, games that star frogs are just awesome… I’m in love with The Legend of Legacy so far, if you can’t tell.

This version comes with a new gameplay mode called “Zangyou Mode,” or “Overtime Mode” for those of you who don’t do the whole Japanese thing. This new mode is made for players who have already beaten the game and remixes the levels to make them blisteringly hard.

Those who have purchased Kero Blaster though the App Store and Playism will also be getting the “Zangyou Mode” update for free, and PC owners through Playism will be getting a Steam code. And in other news, the game’s free spin-off, Pink Hour, is now available on iOS! Play that as a free demo, then consider buying the main game.

In the meantime, I am also waiting for the Nintendo 3DS port, which has been sadly silent since it was first teased by Nicalis.