The long expected follow-up to Cave Story, the indie game which started it all, is finally ready and available for download. Kero Blaster follows the day job of a heroic bipedal frog who is tasked with cleaning his company’s teleportation device of beasts of the strangest kind.

Kero Blaster can be picked up at for $7.99, or players can even opt to bundle it with the brilliant chip-tune soundtrack for just $9.99. Those who would rather play Kero Blaster on the go can pick it up cheaper on iOS for just $4.99.

If you are still on the fence, you can always check out the game’s free demo, Pink Hour. It provides a decent look at what Studio Pixel is trying to do with Kero Blaster, but it is still worth it on its own as a fun and challenging short game with an original main character and story. The pink protagonist in question works for the same firm as our frog hero in the first game.

Cave Story really jump started the idea that a brilliant video game could be made by a single person, and it has inspired essentially every indie game since. Kero Blaster doesn’t have the distinction at being first or revolutionary at anything, and it must rely solely on its run ‘n gun entertainment value to make an impression. Expectations are naturally high, so be sure to keep the in check when playing.

Kero Blaster looks like an absolute blast, but I’m still holding out for the Nintendo 3DS version. No official comments have been made on it yet, just a teasing tweet from Nicalis, the team responsible for porting Studio Pixel’s other games to the 3DS.