Kerbal Space Program has been out for more than three years in alpha and beta. The little green men known as Kerbans have been blown up mid-launch, flung into the sun, left floating in space by the hundreds of thousands by this point.

But finally, Kerbal Space Program is getting its 1.0 launch next week across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The game or, maybe more accurately, simulation, has players building space vessels from a variety of parts with the goal of launching the ship into space, landing it successfully on a moon or planet, and returning home in a game world that uses physics generally approximating our own. Or maybe it has you building more and more absurd ships until you finally get one that works by sheer chance before you make a beeline for the sun.

You set the goals, really. Success is whatever you make it out to be in Kerbal Space Program‘s sandbox world, which is why players have poured so much time into the game, releasing tons of mods adding new parts, interface elements, and more to the game.

On the note of realism, this is a game that even NASA has taken note of. The organization contacted and worked with the Kerbal team to integrate the very asteroid redirection mission they were working on into the game, according to The Guardian, and some employees of NASA are fans of the game as well.

The 1.0 launch of the game will add female Kerbans to the line-up of possible space-goers, and the team has another six days of other new features to unveil before then. Today they announced the addition of new fairings. That’s a space thing, I think. This game is super complicated.

Kerbal Space Program will release for Linux, Mac, and Windows on April 27.