iphone-5Bluegrass Cellular, a regional carrier based out of Kentucky, announced on Tuesday that it will begin offering the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S on Nov. 2. It doesn’t offer a robust LTE network, or the kind of blanket coverage you’d get from a Big Four alternative, but the price of admission is certainly attractive enough. A two-year $99/month commitment will net consumers an iPhone 5 for $149, while an iPhone 4S on that same plan will cost only $49 (an iPhone 4 is just $1). The network is 3G only, so an iPhone 5 on Bluegrass won’t take advantage of its onboard LTE capabilities. But if you’re a homebody and don’t mind sticking strictly to the confines of a regional carrier, Bluegrass Cellular (such a fitting name) might be something to consider.

[via 9to5Mac]