Ken is back in Street Fighter V, although he doesn’t really look or act like Ken anymore! He’s his own breed of fighter now, no longer living in the shadow of Ryu.

Our golden boy American has always been my favorite Street Fighter character, because I’m just boring like that. It’s hard enough that playing as Ryu comes with a stigma that you can only grasp the basics of Street Fighter and anyone can play as him, but then you have Ken, who is merely a reinforced clone of that idea.

He started as a genuine palette swap in the first Street Fighter, became a unique character with zero differences in his movesets in Street Fighter II, and Capcom eventually found different ways to set him apart from Ryu since then. A weaker Hadouken, a stronger flaming Shouryuken. It’s been a crawl to set him on his own pace.

Street Fighter V is the most radical incarnation yet! He’s traded in his red martial arts gi for a skin tight black muscle shirt, grown out his hair, and fights with a much more “aggressive in-your-face style of gameplay” than before.

With many of the series’ mainstays having already been announced for Street Fighter V, a lot of people were wondering if the master of the flaming Shoryuken would make it back this time as well. We are happy to inform you that he’s back in full force with a brand new look and a burning desire to light up the competition!

Employing a wide variety of fast moving, long range attacks, players who enjoy an aggressive in-your-face style of gameplay will feel right at home with Ken, with his flashy combos and big damage.

Sounds great! I love “in your face” fighters. Street Fighter V will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016. Fans who pre-order will be allowed to participate in the five day open beta which begins on July 23.

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