Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune just went and spilled the beans about his new zombie game, YAIBA, a title that was believed to be his big surprise from his new company Comcept at TGS this year.

In his English press release, Inafune claims that people always ask him when he will be returning to the zombie sub-genre. Inafune developed Dead Rising when working at Capcom, so his reputation with the undead is pretty well founded.

"Everywhere I go, people ask me, 'When is it coming?' There are so many zombie games out there, yet people ask me for a new Inafune zombie game. I am grateful for people's respect for me as the 'zombie game creator' and to fulfill that I must answer their expectations with YAIBA."

Beyond just another zombie game, the teaser trailer shows off mechanical ninjas slicing and dicing the ghouls into millions of pieces, a welcome change in pace from the generic zombie apocalypse survival simulators of late.

Now the big question remains, "Do we really need another zombie game?" No, I don't think so. "Do we really need another Keiji Inafune zombie game?" Sure, why not? From the teaser trailer, it looks awesome. Keep this one on the map, folks.

[via Siliconera]