Apple creates products that make most people happy. But one area where the Cupertino giant has never fully satisfied their legion of fans – is with flimsy, fray-prone cords. MacBook fans now have an alternative, thanks to the Juiceboxx Charger Case.  

The Juiceboxx Charger Case (now $12.99 in the TechnoBuffalo Store) protects your MacBook charger and even keeps the whole thing tidy in one neatly organized unit.  This hard-shell case snaps snuggly over your MacBook Charger to keep your cord from getting bent into any of those awkward positions near the base that’ll damage and fray your power cord. This will also ultimately eliminate any overheating or potential fire issues.

The Juiceboxx’s design not only gathers up your power cord into one secured, travel-ready block, it also diffuses enough of the power brick heat to get the unit from overheating.

The Juiceboxx comes in both black or blue — and for any MacBook user, it’s a must-have holiday item, whether they know it or not. Right now, you can pick one up for only $12.99 – 35% off its MSRP.