Distracted driving is dangerous. But we're still susceptible to it, not least because we're constantly trying to check our phones on the road.

You can solve this issue with the Universal Smartphone Shadow Mount, now 50% off MSRP.

Unlike many mounts with questionable suction cup bases or sticky adhesives, the Shadow Mount is just as stealthy as its name, easily slipping onto a dashboard vent. Its rubber-coated base features a magnetic head that locks your smartphone in place and won't let go even through normal road vibrations or impacts.

The unit offers full rotation and swivel functionality so you can point your device in almost any direction to read the display. You'll enjoy a hands-free experience, secure in the knowledge you're obeying the law and keeping everyone in your vehicle safe.

The Universal Smartphone Shadow Mount ships free anywhere in the continental U.S. and works with virtually any smartphone model. You've got no excuse not to pick one up for $9.99, or 50% off from the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.