Keanu Reeves has gotten flack over the years for some of his choices in roles, but his return to action in John Wick quieted down a lot of that. Now, with the release of a video of the actor training for the sequel, anyone still talking will probably shut up. Because Keanu Reeves seems pretty dangerous.

Reeves is known for being an actor that gets pretty deep into stuntwork, even at age 51. The surprise hit John Wick was stunt-heavy and Reeves did most of his own work, getting heavy into training for both the hand to hand combat and firearms.

In the video above, we see Reeves firing a variety of firearms at Taran Tactical and totally destroying everything in his path. He’s moving, firing, and hitting all his targets.

John Wick was one of my favorites in 2014, and it’s one I go back to regularly just because the action and choreography are so consistently thrilling. It’s awesome to see an actor getting so deep into the physical side of a role like this. I dare you to make fun of 47 Ronin.

John Wick: Chapter Two, which is set at least partially in Italy, doesn’t hit until February 2017, but it sees the return of Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane, and the addition of Matrix co-star Lawrence Fishburne. It’s a long wait, but at least we have John Wick to hold us over in the meantime.