What was Blade Runner missing? A samurai, obviously. Adult Swim’s upcoming game Katana Zero will solve all that, thankfully. Described by developer Askiisoft as a “fast-paced neo-noir action platformer,” Katana Zero is promising hardcore action with one-hit kills and focused combat. Trends in recent years have swirled around procedural generation and so-called “metroidvania” style games.

Katana Zero wants to take things back to basics, splitting the game into linear levels with all the attention on combat. You’ll be able to “run, sneak, walljump, grapple hook, roll, slash bullets, toss pottery, and slow down time” to make your way through enemies and levels.

There’s no release date on the game just yet, it’s just planned for release sometime this year and, currently, only for Mac OS and Windows PC.

Adult Swim is making some of the best, weirdest games around

I remember when Adult Swim first came on the air on Cartoon Network. I remember Aqua Man gyrating his hips while old people swam around a pool. Or walked around a supermarket. I remember Cowboy Bebop and Sea Lab 2021. I never could’ve guessed that Adult Swim would be one of the best game companies around, but there’s no question. In the last few years, they’ve released awesome and bizarre games like Jazzpunk, Double Fine’s Headlander, the Frog Fractions 2-container known as Glittermitten Grove, and more. Steam reviews of their games are almost universally overwhelmingly and very positive.

If you’re not watching out for Adult Swim Games’ releases, it’s time to start. If Katana Zero doesn’t strike your fancy, then keep your eyes on Death’s Gambit and Rain World.