The second Katamari game on iOS is due out next Thursday, September 29th. This is Katamari Amore, and it's been built for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

It will ship as a freemium title, which basically means you'll download a glorified demo. The free download will include a time attack mode on the first stage in the game. From there, should you want to, you can purchase the full game for $3.99. That price point will change as it is currently set as a launch window discount. The price after the discount is over has not been discussed.

Not all of the content in Katamari Amore is original, as has been the bane of the more recent entries in the Katamari brand. In fact, if assumptions are to be made based on the information in the press release, only six new stages and a special Namco mode are new. That mode? PAC-MAN.

The release details some of what this package will deliver:

The game totals 24 missions including six completely new stages and four Mission Modes: Story, Time Attack, Exact Size Challenge and Eternal Mode. Additionally, one Extra Stage is included with PAC-MAN making a special appearance.

It will be controlled, like the first iOS Katamari, by either the accelerometer or virtual joysticks. Hopefully, the mechanics for each control scheme have been improved since the freshman iOS effort back in 2008. It was laggy, sticky and unresponsive then, but maybe three years was enough time to make it right.

To those once die-hard Katamari fans among us I ask: what do you think of the franchise now that it's been around for so long and seen birth on so many platforms? Is it the same Katamari you grew to love, or has it changed too much in recent years?

Finally, will you be picking it up?