Good news for the Nintendo Switch. It is a viable platform for niche and cute indie games. Kamiko, the Legend of Zelda-inspired overhead action adventure, has managed to cross into six digits sales figures, selling over 110,000 copies since its launch three months ago.

Localizer Circle Entertainment reported the news through its Twitter account, praising the game for its success.

We’re huge fans of Kamiko and its developer Skipmore, who also has a loyal following thanks to its mini-adventure game Fairune available on smartphones, the PS Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Kamiko on the Switch but have yet to play either Fairune game, imagine a very similar premise, but done on an even smaller scale!

It’s smaller than most Game Boy Color adventures, that’s how tiny these are! And yet, they feel like a full blown experience somehow.

Kamiko is a really solid game too, and it should be a must-buy for anyone who has loved Nintendo games since the days of the 8-bit era. The Legend of Zelda is all grown up on the Switch, but Kamiko still knows how to party like it’s the late 80s all over again.

Be sure to check it out if you own a Switch.