More Rare music has been put up on the internet, and by that, we don't mean music that is difficult to find. We mean music from British video game developer Rare Ltd. Last week, Grant Kirkhope made the entire Banjo Kazooie soundtrack available for free through Bandcamp, and another Rare classic is now following suit.

Kameo: Elements of Power was one of the first games available for the brand new Xbox 360 when it launched in 2006. For its time, it was an impressive graphical achievement and a fine showing of how large and beautiful seventh generation consoles could make a video game appear. Even if the game hasn't exactly held up over the years, it's still a minor classic as one of the better launch games of all time.

Now, composer Steve Burke has put the entire game's soundtrack up for free from his personal website. It's over 5 hours of music with 265 MP3 files, and the zip file clocks in at a robust 540 mb. Burke claims the game's music shows off its evolution over time from a Nintendo platform game to a Xbox 360 exclusive.

I don't particularly remember the music from Kameo, but if there is one thing the gaming staff at TechnoBuffalo's Gaming department likes more than video game soundtracks, it's free video game soundtracks. I'll give it a listen and see if it kicks up any old memories. I suggest you do the same.

Which classic Rare soundtrack would you like to appear next?