Critical reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t great and although the movie made nearly $1 billion at the global box office, it was expected to make a lot more. This ostensible failure is not lost on director Zack Snyder, who assured fans next year’s Justice League will be an entirely different machine, one that’s funny, exciting, brutal, and, simply put, better.

In an effort to perform damage control following this year’s Batman v Superman, several outlets were invited to check out the Justice League set in London, where several new details about the film were revealed. The good news? It seems as though Snyder genuinely has a handle on where he wants to take the movie, which is supposedly filled with less brooding and more humor.

“I have had to, in my mind, make an adjustment… The nice thing about working on Justice League is that it is an opportunity to really blow the doors off of the scale and the bad guys and team-building and all the stuff that I think I could justify as a big, modern comic book movie,” Snyder explained.

Snyder added that the new story is “liberating” and is allowing them to get past the fight that took place in Batman v Superman.

“With Justice League, Batman and Superman have both been freed of the shackles of the responsibility to be in a place where they would fight each other,” Snyder said. “That is liberating for us in making the movie because really now we have a single enemy with a single objective, and it’s really about uniting the team. That, to me, is a fun activity.”

Producer Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder’s wife, also acknowledged that a lot of lessons were learned from Batman v Superman, and they’re looking to make things right with the Justice League film.

“The main thing we learned on Batman v Superman is that people don’t like to see their heroes deconstructed,” Snyder said. “They like seeing them in all their glory… I think what’s really great is where we’re going is kind of what the audience is wanting. We just had to take the characters from somewhere to bring them up to where they are and that was our journey.”

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