Following our first look at Flash and Cyborg in the Justice League trailer from the summer, Ironhead Studio has released a cool picture showing what their costumes almost looked like.

Apparently, the Flash suit seen below was originally considered for the “Knightmare” sequence where he briefly appears to talk to Bruce Wayne. The Cyborg costume looks tough but it completely obscures the character by adding a full face mask; it’s much different compared to his appearance in the Justice League footage we’ve seen.

Either way, both concepts look awesome though you wouldn’t exactly be able to identify them based on the image alone. Flash’s concept, in particular, isn’t how we’re used to seeing the character, which is probably why his look is more toned down in Justice League.

It’s always possible these two costumes will be used as blueprints for upgraded suits in the future. After all, following the release of Justice League, both characters will get their own solo films.