Other than a few rumors about the possible villain, we don’t really know too much about Justice League. But in the slow build up to the movie’s release this November, we’re getting more information, and the latest bit of news comes from director Zack Snyder. He confirmed in the latest issue of Total Film that Cyborg is indeed a Mother Box.

The Mother Boxes are mysterious artifacts that are essentially powerful supercomputers and posses incredible powers. From comic book lore, there are three that are used in conjunction to draw their mystical powers.

You might remember in the scene from Batman v. Superman that reveals a few of the meta-humans, including Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman. In the Cyborg scene, you can see his father give Ray Fisher a strange morphing box that brings him to life and builds his cyborg suit. Apparently, this is one of the three Mother Boxes.

You might also remember in the deleted scene featuring Steppenwolf, he is holding three mysterious boxes. Those are the three Mother Boxes together.

This isn’t completely breaking news. Snyder revealed in the past that the Cyborg scene in Batman v. Superman was the first sighting of a Mother Box.

Cyborg will be one of the Mother Boxes, but what about the other two? No word on the fate of those boxes, but we might learn more once Wonder Woman and Justice League hits theaters later this year.

The plot for Justice League continues to flesh out

Rumors of Steppenwolf playing the villain in Justice League connects nicely with the Mother Boxes. These may very well be the driving force for his arrival on Earth. There have also been rumors of a possible flashback scene in Justice League showing Darkseid’s defeat 30,000 years ago, which might allude to why humans are in possession of one of the boxes.