Now that filming for Justice League has wrapped, the final touches are being added ahead of the movie’s November release. To prove the team is hard at work, director Zack Snyder shared an image from the editing bay, which shows Batman fighting what appear to be Parademons.

In Batman v Superman, one of the best scenes saw Batman take out a room full of thugs, using gadgets and close quarters combat to dispatch them with ease. It showed a more brutal, brawling style, a bright spot in a mostly forgettable movie.

According to the image, fans will once again get to see Batman kick ass, which is no surprise given how fans responded to the character’s warehouse fight scene. Hopefully, Batman’s new fight will outdo the last, both in brutality and action.

Unfortunately, the image is all we get. Whether we’ll get to see the scene in motion soon remains to be seen. Perhaps this is part of a trailer that’s set to drop soon.

Are those Parademons?

Instead of tackling a warehouse of henchmen, it looks like Batman is ambushing Parademons, though it’s difficult to tell. In Batman v Superman, we got to see those creatures during Batman’s Knightmare, which imagined a hellscape where Superman was evil.

Justice League is set for a release on November 17.