Apple claims its new iPhone XS and iPhone XS feature the most durable glass ever. So, that begs the question: Just how durable is this new glass?

Don’t expect any miracles.

SquareTrade Labs recently began testing the new iPhones to see how they would hold up to drops at varying levels of height. The iPhone XS Max first dropped from six feet with the back facing down, resulting in shattered, loose and separated glass. Testing the six-foot drop with the face down result in a shattered display and screen malfunctioning.

The iPhone XS held up a little better, but that was probably because it’s a smaller and lighter phone, reducing the impact, but that did little to save the glass as it shattered from both drops.

Additionally, a tumble test and bend test were enacted. The tumble test led to more breaking glass while the bend test was the only bright spot for the new iPhones. The displays did crack at 250 pounds, but that’s way more than the normal pressure that will be put on the phone on a day to day basis.

The verdict is that even though Apple may claim it’s new iPhone XS and XS Max have the most durable glass on a smartphone, it’s still glass and it does what glass does—it breaks. It may avoid shattering the glass if you drop it from a safe height (3 feet or under) and land at a good angle, but anything else and you’re risking broken glass.

If you did pick-up a new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, you might want to invest in a case.