The Just Cause franchise, particularly Just Cause 2, is often celebrated for being so perfectly sandbox in design. Anything goes, and the game is built with the true intention of letting players explore, try to bend the mechanics and, generally speaking, have fun.

In an interview with GamesRadar+Just Cause 3 Game Director Roland Lesterlin talks a bit about their new sandbox system and how promising it is. “We’re a systems-driven game,” he explains at one point. “This is a sandbox, more of a sandbox than almost anything else out there.”

GamesRadar+ apparently also spent time going hands on with the game. You can read the full feature by hitting the source link below, and it offers a bunch of points regarding how this new sandbox works. For instance players will have access to three tethers at once (though that may change as Avalanche is looking at going up to five tethers), and that means tying all sorts of things together, dragging them about and instantly retracting them at the touch of a button.

Cars, too, have been completely overhauled. Avalanche snapped up an ex-Criterion Games dev in order to do some of that work, and the result is cars that are actually, brace yourselves, fun to drive. Cars will be faster than the wingsuit, so you’ll want to use them. How’s that for a change of pace?

Be sure to check out the full feature for more. We’ll have more on Just Cause 3 as it comes. The game is set to release this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.