Just Cause 3, above all else, will be about creating chaos in an open world. That’s always been the name of the game for Avalanche, and they won a lot of fans over to that mantra with Just Cause 2 a few years back.

Now, Square Enix is promising us that the game actually has a story. Seriously, they even used the subject line “BREAKING NEWS: JUST CAUSE 3 HAS EXPLOSIONS… AND A STORY.”

Yeah, I guess I believe them. Does it matter, though? I think that’s Avalanche’s biggest challenge. If they actually want gamers to slow down and care about the story, I think they might be let down a bit. That’s not really why we buy into this franchise, is it?

Hey, if the story’s good, I’m all aboard. I won’t say no to that, and it’d be ridiculous to knock a game with good story telling just because mayhem is fun. I’m cool with them providing both.

We’ll see how this works out when Just Cause 3 launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. That’s set to go down on Dec. 1, 2015.

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