This new Just Cause 3 video may be scripted, but it does a beautiful job of showing us just what we want to see.

Narrated by Just Cause 3 Game Director Roland Lesterlin, the footage is pulled from E3 gameplay and gives us a rundown of things we can expect from the game when it hits late this fall. One thing that's easy to miss, but will surely be the source of lots of fun, is that the gas stations are now pulled out of the mounting chaos measurement, meaning gas stations will respawn and we'll be able to reenact that scene from RoboCop over and over again.

Other elements include the variety of ways we'll be able to use Rico's grapple tether, highlighted particularly well in the video thanks to the statue of the island nation's dictator being forced to do the most destructive facepalm in the history of gaming, the many races dotting the islands, the ability to move freely on moving objects instead of being stuck to predetermined movement points, and more.

Also on display are the complex destruction physics that call to mind classics like Red Faction: Guerrilla. While not everything is destructible the way it was in that game, things like bridges fall apart dynamically based on what parts you decide to explode and how you use that ever-present tether.

If this game doesn't end up spawning tons of awesome YouTube videos, I'll be blown away.

Just Cause 3 is set to release on December 1 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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