Txtng & DrivngDon't text and drive. Ever. Because if you do, you're not only putting yourself at risk, but others on the road as well. People like Donald Bowley, who was the father of three.

A jury on Wednesday found Aaron Deveau, 18, guilty of vehicular homicide after his vehicle swerved into oncoming traffic and struck Bowley's car — all because he was texting. Deveau even lied about what caused the accident, but phone records showed that the teen sent a message just before crashing head-on with Bowley. That's not what Deveau told police, however. Instead, he claimed he lost control because of work and school-related pressure.

The verdict sets a precedent and sends a stern message Judge Stephen Abany said, as texting-related accidents continue to be an issue as the popularity of smartphones rises. According to CNET, these cases are typically handled as traffic violations; Abany treated Deveau's case as a criminal offense.

After a three hour deliberation, the jury convicted Deveau to the maximum two and a half years in prison for vehicular homicide and a concurrent two years for the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, Boston.com said. In addition, Deveau's lisence has been suspended for 15 years. He also owes a restitution that is yet to be determined.

Let this be a lesson to not only the TechnoBuffalo staff, but our faithful readers. Texting while driving just isn't worth the risk, and can seriously affect not only your life, but those around you.

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